This book summarizes the exhibits at the sake exhibition. The entire sake brewing process is visualized, but the exhibition is a place, so rather than directly and positively representing sake brewing, we have an image of an apprentice from hundreds of years past watching the master, imagining his thought process and he learns, and the concept of seeing directly into the sake brewing master's mind, and reading his thoughts that appear momentarily is what we have produced. The tasting event featured graphics of the entire sake brewing process decorating the venue, creating a captivating atmosphere. It was a great success throughout the day, with the reserved time slots were all filled immediately, leading to further time slots being added. Each table featured this book and was turned page by page together with the tastings, which showed the ambitious process of making each sake, and led to over 90% of guests leaving comments such as "it was inspirational" and "I could not only taste the sake, but I could also get a feel for the background behind it, which sharpened not only my taste buds, but all of my senses and mind." and similar comments about how it refreshed their sense of taste, and regulated their mind and body.
D : AYUMI ENOMOTO / @bbrs___

68 TE