Drawing attention in recent years, due to its concern for the environment, is the practice of eating insects, called “entomophagy.” Insect dishes are high in nutritional value, high in protein, low in fats, and rich in vitamins and minerals. One particular restaurant offers such “insect food” as their main items. They never give up on insect food’s everyday “deliciousness” and “fun.” Moreover, the restaurant is considerate to the earth and your body. The sustainable restaurant EAT for E has opened in Shibuya. Their menu is supervised by Shusaku Toba, the chef and owner of sio, a Michelin one-star French restaurant. EAT for E offers delicious sustainable food that shows the restaurant’s “concern with flavor and nutrition.” OUWN was responsible for the package design of the take-out menu.
CL : B-MONSTER Co., Ltd. / @eat_for_e
CS : sio / @siosioyoyogiuehara
D : YUMI IDEI(OUWN) / @ideiyumi