MATSUKAZE TEA wants many people from Canada to enjoy Japanese tea. It is recognized by the Japanese Tea Association as a leader in Japanese tea. Furthermore, it was born from the work of Ono Michiko, who has been certified as a tea sommelier by the Canadian Tea Association. MATUSKAZE TEA cooperates with farmers to select the best tea and brings the experience to you. OUWN was responsible for this development's packaging design and direction. The teas are divided by region, type, and even processing, all of which are differentiated by the color of the packaging. Concept sheets, etc., are also divided by type. The enclosed small tags have a gum string attached to them, and can be easily stored after opening. The tea's name, steeping method, and other information can also be easily learned from the tag. It is a design created to allow one in Canada to feel and experience Japan's unique, humble thoughtfulness.
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