These are posters created to display at an exhibition. The way that people think is an unstable thing. It changes with the times and things that were seen in the past may look different now. However, everyone has an unchanging, underlying guiding principle, and a sense of enthusiasm, and determination. This is what was faithfully created as a graphic expression. We designed things that are completely different from the original (this time, we used an octopus because it is so protean) such as a chameleon, an ammonite, a jellyfish and an atomic bomb to express a different representation from the original form. Also, the reason that this motif was selected comes from OUWN's stance in the previous paragraph. A chameleon (changes color and adapts to the times), an ammonite (accumulates knowledge like the strata of the earth), a jellyfish (rides the trends of the current time), an atomic bomb (keeps hold of what must not be forgotten). In this way, these posters are constructed with graphics and typography. We thank all of the people involved for accepting such logical posters.