Discover Japan June 2018

Ishiguro’s interview is published in the June 2018 issue of Discover Japan, issued by Publisher A, sold on May 7th.
His interview about Japan’s regional creation from a creative perspective, how ideas are made, and more, has been published in a multi-page spread.
The special feature is “I Want to Drink Delicious Japanese Tea”.
The Japanese tea craze is in full swing, and this is a very fun issue.
We would be delighted if you gave it a readthrough.


OUWN was founded as a corporation in 2013 by Atsushi Ishiguro and Munechika Fujita. The name stems from our hope to foster interaction, dialogue, and feelings between our owns and yours ( "own" + "u" ) through designing.
In addition to art direction, OUWN’s activities extend into many different fields such as graphics, web, fashion, visual, logo, and other types of design.

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