Topawards Asia’s winning works were just announced.
Ishiguro from OUWN served as one of the judges.
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Topawards Asia is an “invitation-only package design award” limited to Asia.
Superb package designs from all over Asia are nominated through recommendations by the Topawards Asia team,
past winners, and regular users,
with the best creators serving as the judges.
We are thankful for having received this honorable opportunity.


OUWN was founded as a corporation in 2013 by Atsushi Ishiguro and Munechika Fujita. The name stems from our hope to foster interaction, dialogue, and feelings between our owns and yours ( "own" + "u" ) through designing.
In addition to art direction, OUWN’s activities extend into many different fields such as graphics, web, fashion, visual, logo, and other types of design.

With a variety of nice dialogue with you as a "dot", OUWN wishes that dots will connect down the road.