Art Director / Graphic Designer

Atsushi Ishiguro

Japanese art director Atsushi Ishiguro.
He was born in Tokyo in 1983. Following MR_DESIGN,
which was under the supervision of Kenjiro Sano, he established “OUWN Co., Ltd.” in 2013.
He is involved in the production of various design planning, from art direction to graphic design,
sign planning, and web design, and since the time it was established,
he has continuously won numerous design awards both domestically and internationally.
In addition to Design Work, he energetically undertakes artistic activities, exhibitions,
and the production of work called “People and Thought,” which, while placing design as its standard,
is based around the theme of “discovering questions” in response to thought which has been made basic,
including people’s thoughts and the modern sense of what is reasonable.
OUWN, which he represents, is a term coined to allow us (OWN) to empathize and share and with you (U).
It is an organization which always keeps this feeling in mind, is always the front line,
and probes into the creative.

日本のアートディレクター、石黒篤史(Atsushi Ishiguro)。
1983年、東京生まれ。佐野研二郎主宰のMR_DESIGNを経て、 2013年に「OUWN株式会社」を設立。
Design Workの他に「People and Thought.」といった、デザインを基軸に置きつつ、人の思考や現代の当たり前の感覚など、