At the ONE SHOW 2019, a global award ceremony held in New York,
MATURITY, designed by our company, received a Merit in two divisions,
the art direction division and poster design division.
At OUWN, we strive to regularly submit to design awards and so on to increase motivation, expand perspectives, and improve quality.
We will take the opportunity to report on the other prizewinners
in the first half of the year.
We will strive to design better quality products and have fun while doing so
in the second half of the year.

[ NY / ONE SHOW AWARD 2019 ]

ArtDirection Division Merit : MATURITY >

Poster Division Merit : MATURITY >

[ NY / Graphis Poster 2020 ]

Honorable Mention : Sake Miyoshi >

Honorable Mention : CIRUCULATION >

[ JAGDA award 2019 ]

- Poster Division : Letter >
Poster Division : Parco V&W >

[ Tokyo TDC Award 2019 ]

Poster Division : MATURITY >

[ Tokyo ADC 2018 ]

Package Division : Theo&Philo Chocolate >

Editorial Division : Read&Taste >



Ishiguro of OUWN is featured in the magazine Design Note’s special report called “The Graphic Design” (2019, No. 84).
Design Note is a magazine which allows one to grasp the reality of design work.

Kashiwa Sato of SAMURAI, Masayoshi Kodaira of FLAME,
Ryosuke Uehara of Kigi, Yuni Yoshida,
and other art directors who must not go unnoticed when speaking of contemporary graphic design are also featured in the special report.

Because this is a special report on graphic design,
this publication in particular is of great interest and is a meaningful opportunity for us.



Some of OUWN’s designs were covered in “BranD 42th Magazine” a book edited by Sendpoints Publishing Co., Ltd..
I would like to thank everyone for all their great efforts.



MdN Corporation, a corporation which handles media projects in the field of design at Impress Group,
launched the ‘MdN Designers’ File 2019′ project.
It is the latest 2019 edition of a creative directory which lists graphic designers, art directors, etc.
all in one place.
Ishiguro from OUWN is listed here.
I would like to thank everyone for all their great efforts.



Some of OUWN’s designs were covered in “RETRO STYLE DESIGN” a book edited by PIE International.
I would like to thank everyone for all their great efforts.



“New Year’s Cards from 100 Creators” Exhibition vol.14 [official link]

This exhibition will display New Year’s postcards that creators have sent in to the specialist paper trading company Takeo Co., Ltd.
This year will be our first attempt at working with local creators to hold simultaneous exhibitions at Takeo locations throughout the country: Yodoyabashi MIHONCHO, Fukuoka MIHONCHO, and of course the flagship MIHONCHO HONTEN location.
The MIHONCHO HONTEN location will also exhibit New Year’s cards designed by Mr. Ishiguro of Creative Studio OUWN.
This year’s design makes use of seldom seen gold leaf to create finely worked, minuscule foil renderings.
Members of the public and design and print enthusiasts alike are sure to love our exhibitions of this familiar item — the New Year’s card.
We hope you enjoy both the cards and the New Year’s wishes written on them by their creators.

Wed. January 23 – Thu. February 28, 2019

Location (Exhibitions at all three locations run for the same period.)

3-18-3 Kanda Nishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo-to 101-0054 [map]
TEL: 03-3292-3669
Closed Sat/Sun/Holidays 10:00-19:00
(+ Yodobayashi MIHONCHO/Fukuoka MIHONCHO; runs simultaneously at all three locations)



On the 1st book floor of the 2nd building of the Daikanyama Tsutaya Store, there is a BOOK BOX, a box shaped bookshelf that introduces readers to current prominent creators.

It is currently exhibiting the exhibit “Book jackets you can feel” in collaboration with the magazine Brain, published by Senden Kaigi.
The title is “Dot Trip Exhibition”.
Through the designer Atsushi Ishiguro’s “book jackets that can be felt”, the feelings of going on a journey of thought with the expressions of a book are linked with the actual journey of experiencing a new sensation.
These book jackets invite readers into the world of books.

Mr. Ishiguro has designed and will be exhibiting and selling numerous kinds of book jackets that emphasize both design and content,
so that readers may go on many different kinds of trips.

Exhibition Opening September 1, 2019 at the Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore, Building 2, Floor 1



Some of OUWN’s designs were covered in “LOGO DESIGN WITH EXAMPLES” a book edited by PIE International.
I would like to thank everyone for all their great efforts.


OUWN was founded as a corporation in 2013 by Atsushi Ishiguro and Munechika Fujita. The name stems from our hope to foster interaction, dialogue, and feelings between our owns and yours ( "own" + "u" ) through designing.
In addition to art direction, OUWN’s activities extend into many different fields such as graphics, web, fashion, visual, logo, and other types of design.

With a variety of nice dialogue with you as a "dot", OUWN wishes that dots will connect down the road.